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Motala, Sweden

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Age: 44


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Intentions: Casual Dating


Personality: Relaxed

I'm available for a simple conversation or anything else...
Although i would prefer to let you discover the person who you think I am, I feel it may be good to jot something down that my friends and also my "not so friendly friends" say about food for thought...They say am a fighter, and do what I say I say I will do even if I have to face a sea of problems. I prefer to face conflicts head on. I'm romantic and I express myself as i want to be perceived, easy going and secure in myself.Jolly with kids. I don't hold back what I am thinking although some times this can cause problems for me. I am a fighter in battle, I learn from my defeats and I enjoy my victories. 
I am a monster in cooking! I love to cook as I have worked as a cook in a 5 star Hotel. 

My not so good sides, well, sometimes I like to be alone and have my space(for some people this may be a problem, but we can always talk about it), When it is time to go some place, I go! No delays! Unless...I can be lazy i just don't feel like doing anything, :) 
But it is good if you discover me, that way you make your own conclusions! Right? 

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